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Future Hindsight is a weekly podcast that aims to spark civic engagement through in-depth conversations with citizen changemakers. American democracy is a living, breathing mechanism whose well-being deserves to be cultivated and protected, and now more than ever, the need to be an engaged citizen is critical. We explore how each of us has the power to shape our society and fulfill our shared civic responsibility.

Nov 10, 2018

Local Politics

The impact of individual and group efforts can be decisive in local political races, such as in the elections for a judge, a district leader, or in the State Assembly. Having one-on-one conversations about what is happening in our own community is powerful because we discuss the policy choices that directly affect our lives.

Get Involved!

Citizens are the players in politics. They have the opportunity and the responsibility to determine who is elected into office. When citizens are involved, they are taking part in shaping public policy decisions. When they choose not to be engaged, they are assenting to the status quo, as opposed to fighting for the way that things could be.

Public Policy and Politics

We live in a society that is shaped by our public policy choices, which are directly derived from the results of political elections. We need idealistic people in both government and politics, who care about the outcomes and the policy choices that we make as a society.

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Ben Theodore is a passionate community activist in Brooklyn, New York, as well as a program associate at the NYC Department of Education. He has previously worked as a campaign staffer and a teacher with the District of Columbia Public Schools and Teach for America. You can follow him on Twitter @btheodore.